Thursday, April 9, 2009

cooking with Dad

What is cooking with DAD?

That is what everyone wants to know?
I tell them it an idea that materialized through the years from a relationship with my children. They are now all in they're 20's, and don't all live near me. But I have a great relationship with them that has taken us to where we are.
Through the years, they've always seemed to like doing things with me, one of those things was cooking with me. I remember when they were small, they would push a chair up against the kitchen counter to see what I was making. We would make pancakes on Saturday & Sunday mornings with Mickey Mouse ears. On they're birthdays, I would make them a special cake decorated with whatever they happened to be into at the time. Always fun.

Later when going through a long divorce, they would visit me in my now small kitchen & we would cook together & experiment with food that they liked &I liked.

Food is such a bond between people. We can see it world wide & throughout the ages. Many a meeting or family gathering are built around a meal. Memories are made, friendships are bonded. We seem to be at our best when we share a meal with someone. It is probably the most primitive thing that we still do today as human beings to bond with one another. Yet, we do it again & again. From that simple act of sharing our meal, we have developed it into a sophisticated, culinary form of expression. Now a huge business.

I remember, my young children sitting on my lap & eating & sharing my meal from my plate. They seemed to lavish doing that, they new they were building a bond with me. They new better than I did.

I tell them that I learn from them, and I have.


Cooking with DAD TV,
is a celebration of a very special relationship between a father & his children.

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Debbie said...

What you wrote is absolutely beautiful! And true also. You are one of the most kindest, most patient fathers I know.
I wish you much sucess with "Cooking with DAD TV"