Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Roupa Velha (Christmas Day)

On Christmas Day or the day after, everyone is busy from the previous days festivities & usually there are plenty of leftovers. It is traditional to serve the previous days bacalhau meal but transformed into a new meal called "Roupa Velha", which means "Old Clothes"

The bacalhau is boned & broken into smaller pieces, the potatoes are quartered & the cabbage cut into strips. The ingredients are mixed together & warmed on the stove top. New onions are sliced & caramelized in olive oil & spread over the mixture.

The result is a "new" delicious dish made from leftovers
Roupa Velha is a Christmas tradition in Portugal with bacalhau, in Brazil It would be made with the meat & vegetables from Cozido. a boiled dinner.

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