Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bolinhos de Bacalhau

this is my first try at trying to make these.
Bolinhos de bacalhau (cod fish pastry) more like a fritter.
There are other variations of these called “bolos de bacalhau) as well.
They came out pretty good for a first try.
Crispy on the outside these tasty little meals are made with potatoes, bacalhau, onion, eggs & parsley & olive oil for frying

Start by soaking the bacalhau (salt cod) in water over night, boil then boil it & break up the cooked bacalhau into thin strings & let dry. I used one portion or serving.

Dice one onion.

Mix onions together with 1 cup of fresh mashed potatoes and two eggs.

Finely dice some fresh parsley (or cilantro for more flavor) & mix together as well.

Stir mixture together to create a smooth paste.

With two spoons shape the past into small egg shapes

Heat some olive oil (about 1 cup) and fry them till golden brown on one side & flipping them over

Let dry on some paper towels. They are good warm or cold, and can be served as a snack, or incorporated into an entre with some sides.

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