Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my mother's wings (asas da minha mãe)

I stopped by my mother's around lunch time & found her busy at the stove frying up some chicken wings in a saute pan with olive oil & garlic.
I jumped in to help her finish the meal (a sure way to get a free lunch) & realized we were creating something interesting & inexpensive, quick & easy. We made enough for 3-4 people for around $10.00

1 small package of chicken wings $6.00
1 small bunch of broccoli rabe' 1.50
2 small tomatoes .50
1 small garlic .50
1/2 cup rice .20
1 cup (or can) white beans .50
2 tblsp olive oil .50
6 slices chourico (optional) 1.00
Total $10.70

Can't get better than that.... prices may vary at your local market. I used an estimated costs & not actual.

add some olive oil into a pan or skillet with a couple garlic cloves and a tomato and a dash of sea salt. (she also added a couple dashed of piri-piri (hot sauce) when I wasn't looking ; ) ha-ha
add the chicken wings & chourico and cover with lid & let cook for 20-25 minutes stirring occasionally.

Looks good just like this for a snack, great for watching the game on Sunday!!!
or over some linguine.
boil or steam the vegetable of choice (in this case broccoli rabe', a family favorite)
drizzle some olive oil or add a little butter

The rice is simple,
bring to a boil 1 cup rice with 2 cups water & pinch of salt 15 minutes, stir in the white navy beans.
the second tomato is cut & places around the plate, (this is one serving)

the second tomato is cut & places around the plate, (this is one serving)

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