Monday, January 18, 2010

Pan seared steak with “Morcela de arroz”

pan seared steak with peppers & onions, broccoli & mushrooms and unique mashed potatoes and some ”Morcela de arroz”

saute’ some peppers & onions in some olive oil
and some mushrooms & broccoli

sautéing mushrooms & broccoli in olive oil & garlic

a nice looking steak & Portuguese “morcela de arroz” sizzling in some olive oil.
“Morcela de arroz”, is a blood & rice sausage that is popular in the Estremadura region of Portugal

deglazing the pan with a little “mini” Portuguese beer.

potatoes, chick peas, broccoli rabe’ and an egg.
(these were actually leftovers that I couldn’t resist to turn into tasty unique mashed potatoes) to round off the meal.
The morcela de arroz, the potatoes & broccoli and the mashed potatoes.

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