Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Feast with Mariscada

Cheers to a Happy New year...

Traditional desserts
Bolo Rei (Kings Cake), This is the traditional christmas night and new year´s eve cake. Mandatory in every Portuguese tables. Full of cristalized fruits it is delicious.
Arroz Doce (sweet rice)
Bolo's de Belém, (custard tarts) arguably Portugal's national dessert

what a great medley to make a great celebration on New years Eve
fresh Salmon steaks
Sea Scallops
littleneck clams
New England lobster

start the feast,
I decided I was keeping it simple & cook everything up in the same pot (only one to clean)
olive oil,
bay leaves
some hot piri piri sauce (to taste)
tomatoes (I let the tomatoes steam for about 5 minutes with the skin on & then peal it off before cutting them up)

I added the salmon steaks to get them started.

While the Salmon was cooking I added some shrimp into the pan, they cook up quick & provided an appetizer for the guests to get started,
"they go great with champagne"

into the pot they go with the lobster, & clams,
more shrimp, scallops.
Looking good, add some white wine (or beer) to help steam it up & create the sauce.
Put the lid on & let steam for 20 minutes.

The great dipping sauce on the bottom of the pan,

cut up the lobster, plate it & ready to serve,

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